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Smart ERP

Smart ERP integrates all the functionalities allowing a complete management of the company. Smart ERP meets the simplest needs or more complex, Multi Site, Multi Company, Multi Platform, Multi Currency, choice of display personalized, Access in 3 Tiers or full web.


SmartServices is business module which will track customers, sales, payments and debts. It is tailored for those who need a light sales application but don't need to track inventory, however, Inventory module can be integrated at any time later


SmartStock is the inventory module which tracks purchases, consumptions, transfers and the like. All these transactions are backed by an extensive report library which can be generated at a monthly, weekly or even daily basis. Thus, an inventory manager will be able to reliably track every bit of his inventory at any moment he wishes.


SmartAffair is the answer for situations where business is conducted with transactions and not in the usual way with purchase order, delivery note, invoice and so on. Furthermore, SmartAffair provides an on line document management which saves all transaction documents on line, and enables the fast instantaneous retrieval of any transaction document, without resorting to the manual archive. SmartAffair is searchable by customer reference, customer name or even representative or correspondent name, thus, dramatically simplifying information retrieval.


Syscom is the result of integrating the previous three modules, namely sales, stock and affairs.


HR-Master comprises two main modules, HR management module and Payroll module. Payroll Module features a dynamic formula system that is written in a dynamically interpreted java script. This feature enabled the suppression of the traditional "Compute" command as the formulas as re-executed every time with no significant overhead, and the total customization of payroll elements.All data are integrated on the HR Master System.


SmartAccounting is an easy financial accounting module. The accounting data can be sorted, filtered and searched according to any user criteria, hence, enabling the user to easily track any anomaly he may have mistakingly entered before. This module can also be integrated with the rest of Smart Software product line. SysAccounting is actually updated so that it can manage the new dispositions for IAS /IFRS norms.

Supported Platforms

  • Desktop
  • Web
  • Mobile